About Us

Thomas came up with the 100% Half Okinawan and 100% Part Okinawan slogans because he was always mistaken for other ethnicities.  Though we love people of all cultures, he especially appreciates the Okinawan roots he has, from Okinawan Karate to Okinawan dance to Okinawan food to Okinawan culture.  He grew up in Okinawa part of his childhood and regularly visits family and friends there. Salli is 100% Part Okinawan and has truly cherished the support we have received from HUOA, customers at the Okinawan festival, friends, family, and the Honolulu T-shirt company. We love to surprise our customers with new designs. After developing the 100% Half Okinawan and 100% Part Okinawan tshirts, we expanded to Ryukyu Surfer, 100% Okinawan, Okinawan at Heart, Uchinanchu, and 808 Uchinanchu lines. Our Okinawan t-shirts are fun to wear and always gets attention. We thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy our Okinawan t-shirts.