Shuri Castle and the songs in its shadow

We were happy to hear that Shuri Castle reopened!! Our daughter’s first visit to Okinawa occurred after the fire, so we hope to return again soon! We walked by the castle on our way to a wonderful restaurant. Even though the building were noticeably burnt, they were still beautiful atop a distant hill. Unbeknownst to us, an Okinawan singer / sanshin player would grace our private dining room with wonderful songs that got my mother-in-law dancing out of her seat.  I saw the joy the songs brought to her, as if she was transported back to her youth in Naha.  Even though my grandma moved from Okinawa to Hawaii in her youth, she would have the same  spark in her eyes and flick of her wrists that I saw that night. It seems that neither time nor distance nor fire can suppress the spirit of Okinawa.

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